Could you represent and promote the work of MAG within your local community?

At MAG America, we’re proud to work with a community of amazing volunteers – and we’d love you to join us.

Volunteer speakers will use their skills and passion to encourage engagement and support for MAG. This could involve a 20 minute presentation to a rotary club, a school assembly or an informal conversation with local businesses or churches to ask for their support.

Becoming a MAG America Network Speaker is a rewarding opportunity to make a difference, encouraging public awareness of landmine issues, meeting new people and strengthening valuable skills. You’d be supported by the team in D.C., who would be on hand to deliver training and guidance to ensure you have a positive experience with MAG America.

You would be instrumental in helping to grow support for MAG at a grassroots level and establish vital connections with communities around the United States.

Start your MAG America journey today

Drop us a line at 202-293-1904 or to get involved. We look forward to hearing from you!