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MAG’s work has helped more than 16 million people in conflict-affected communities in over 40 countries since 1989, giving them greater safety and the opportunity to rebuild their lives, livelihoods and futures.


We help people to be safe from landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO), free from danger, free from fear.  We find landmines before children do.

By removing unexploded landmines and UXO from land and destroying them, we enable communities to grow more food and make a better living, access better health services, and know that their children can walk to school in safety.

After MAG makes land safe,  schools are improved and new ones constructed and refurbished, new homes built and agricultural land freed up.

Once roads are clear of landmines,  trade routes can reopen, while NGOs and other organisations are able to reach remote areas to deliver humanitarian aid and development projects.

MAG has found and destroyed more than 700 landmines and unexploded items per day – day in day out – for 25 years. That’s 5,000 items each and every week for a quarter of a century. 

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We work with communities to understand how they are affected and what their needs are. We clear land so that people can go about their daily lives free from danger and fear.

We provide  risk education programmes, particularly for children. We help people find ways to live alongside the danger of landmines and unexploded bombs until land can be cleared, so the risk of death and injury is reduced.

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We respond to emergency and conflict situations where unsafe explosives are a threat to communities, displaced people and other humanitarian workers.

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We employ and train local people in landmine and UXO clearance, providing skills and opportunities so they can rebuild their lives and communities in the aftermath of conflict.

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We offer expertise and training to national authorities in the storage and management of arms to prevent them ending up on the black market, and where unsafe or insecure storage of weapons and explosives poses a threat to communities.

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We are active at an international policy level, to ensure the international community meets its responsibility to protect innocent people from landmines and unexploded bombs. We work to influence change at international and national levels to enhance arms management and destruction approaches.

Risk Education in northern Iraq

Risk Education helps keep people safe from landmines and unexploded bombs.

Photo: Sean Sutton/MAG


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