Landmine clearance isn't a partisan issue, it's a humanitarian one. We're deeply grateful to the members of Congress in the bipartisan Unexploded Ordnance/Demining Caucus for their advocacy in funding our lifesaving efforts. 

But our work is far from over, and in the coming months, Congress will make big decisions on this year's budget. Funding for landmine clearance programs is at risk, and we need your voice to help people around the world rebuild their lives after conflict.

The U.S. House of Representatives heard your request for increased support for demining programs, and included $252 million in funding for landmine clearance programs in the 2021 foreign aid budget. But now we need to focus our momentum on a critical region: Southeast Asia.

We're asking our supporters to contact their Congressional representatives and let them know that global demining programs are critical. Will you add your voice to the movement?

This fall, we're asking supporters to contact their members of Congress and let them know that demining funding is critical for building safe futures around the world. If you'd like to contact your Congressional leaders, we suggest the following key messages:

"As your constituent and supporter of Mines Advisory Group (MAG), I'm contacting you to encourage your office to support U.S. programs to remove unexploded ordnance (UXO) in southeast Asia. The U.S. is responsible for dropping millions of tons of ordnance on Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia during the Vietnam era. Forty-five years after the end of the Vietnam War, UXO continues to maim and kill innocent men, women, and children in this region. Hundreds of thousands have already suffered injuries or death from these explosive hazards since the end of the war. And these deadly explosives keep land out of productive use, and prevent communities from building critical infrastructure.

The U.S. can and must do more to fulfill its responsibility to clean up its legacy ordnance. I hope I can count on your office to support increased funding for UXO removal and related humanitarian mine action programs in southeast Asia. With your help, this region can fully recover from conflict and thrive."