Surviving the Peace: Angola

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MAG America Presents: Surviving the Peace: Angola

A documentary film depicting the interconnected stories of an eight-year-old landmine survivor, Minga d'Olinda, and a former soldier turned MAG deminer, Eron Pedro. Both Minga and Eron represent the plight of so many people in Angola who are still struggling landmines a decade after the civil war ended.

The film was shot on location in Angola during July 2012. MAG America's Marketing Manager accompanied filmmakers, Rick Gershon and Nathan Golon from MediaStorm, for the production and shooting of this film. As you will experience during the film, Angola is a beautiful country filled with heartbreak and redemption.

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Angola $100k Campaign

If this film inspires you to support MAG, join our Angola $100k campaign! By raising $100,000 by May 31, 2013,, MAG will be able to fund our Community Liaison Teams. These teams provide life-saving Mine Risk Education (MRE) classes at schools. For more information on this campaign, click here -->>

  • MAG has been working in Angola since 1994. For more information on our work, click here -->>

Surviving the Peace Documentary Series

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Help spread awareness about landmines and unexploded ordance around the world today by hosting your own screening of one of MAG's documentary films. Let your friends, family and community see first hand the shattering effects of war, and the tragic footprint they leave on recovering communities long after conflict stops. To find out more information, click here -->>