Fundraise for MAG

Rally your friends, family, co-workers, classmates, and community to take action and help the global effort to rid the world of landmines once and for all. 

Email our Development Director Abby at with your questions and ideas on how you can get involved with MAG today!

Here are a few ways you can get involved right now:

Social Media can inspire a generation of game-changers. Empower your followers by raising awareness about MAG's life-saving work. Learn more here!   Shop the MAG Swag store and start looking like a MAG American today, because saving lives looks good on you. Click here to shop now! 
Give up your next birthday and help clear land for families around the world. Click here to start now Get sponsorship from your friends, family and local stores for a race happening in your area. Click here to learn how! 
Host a MAG event in your area. Let your local community know how landmines and other legacies of war affect people just like them to this day. Click here to get some event ideas! 

Mine Risk Education (MRE) is an important aspect of MAG's Humanitarian Mine action program. Learn how you can fund your own classroom by clicking here!