Surviving the Peace: 25 years of Humanitarian Mine Action

For 25 years, Mines Advisory Group (MAG) has focused on making the world a safer place for individuals living in countries affected by landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO).

Over that 25 years, MAG has returned over 2,132 square miles to local populations to be used to support socio-economic development, which is equivalent to a one mile wide road stretching from Washington, DC, to Las Vegas, NV. MAG destroyed over 400,000 landmines and cluster munitions and 16 million items of unexploded ordnance and ammunition. In 2013 alone, MAG's work supported two million men, women, and children.



Surviving the Peace: Angola

A documentary film depicting the interconnected stories of an eight-year-old landmine survivior, Minga d'Olinda, and a former soldier turned MAG deminer, Eron Pedro. Both Minga and Eron represent the plight of so many people in Angola who are still struggling with the tragedy of landmines a past war left behind in Angola.

Surviving the Peace: Laos 

This documentary film is about the devastation and hope resonating in the South East Asian country of Laos. It follows the Ladones, whose lives were tragically altered by UXO leftover from the Vietnam War.



MAG Angola Country Report

MAG America's Marketing Manager, Patricia Loria, recently shot the second Surviving the Peace film in Angola, where she was able to experience the real life danger of landmines first hand. While in Angola, she interviewed MAG's Technical Field Manager, Jeff Mazziotta, and Community Liaison Manager, Evaristo Cambembe. Jeff and Evaristo discuss MAG's work in Angola and how support from both governments and individual donors is critical for them to continue their life-saving wo

United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS)

'The Aftermath of War'

Libya is contaminated with hundres of thousands unexploded remnants of war which threatens it's wavering stability in these post-revolution months. UNMAS works with MAG and other mine action organizations to help clear the country of these unexpldoed bombs, clearing the way for more stable and peaceful future. This video documents the current situation in Libya and how UNMAS, MAG, and other organizations are helping. (Video courtesy of UNMAS) Find out more here:

Senator Mee Moau's Speech at MAG America's Dinner for Demining Fundraiser

Former Minnesota Senator Mee Moua spoke powerfully at MAG America's Dinner for Demining Fundraiser in Spring 2012. Senator Mee Moua is now the Executive Director of the Asian American Justice Center based in Washington DC.

MAG Lebanon with Ali Shuaib

Listen to MAG Lebanon's Community Liaison Manager, Ali Shuaib, discuss MAG's work in Lebanon. Learn about how he feels each time he is able to give cleared land back to the community.


Moxico: Fighting A Deadly Legacy


Reducing Armed Violence in Democratic Republic of Congo


MAG: Conflict Recovery


Clear Mines Now 

Hey everyone, watch this video and participate on April 4th, International Landmine Awareness Day with MAG America. Find us on Facebook and Twitter @MAGinterns or email us at for more information on how to get involved!