MAG Means Farming



MAG works to clear land for agriculture - providing land to farmers, economic stability, and sustainability to whole communities for the future.

Agriculture accounts up to 60% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in the world's least developed countries and employs almost 70% of people in developing nations. It also is the biggest form of foreign exchange for these nations and supplies the bulk of basic foods and sustenance on average half the country's population. 


People living in countries currently affected by armed violence and conflict are twice as likely to be undernourished, 50 per cent more likely to be impoverished, and their children are three times as likely to be out of school [The World Development Report 2011]. 

MAG has been a world leader in the clearance of landmines and other explosive debris of conflict for more than 20 years, identifying these as deadly threats to both physical safety and development. Our pioneering approach to working with communities on the clearance of their land – for its safe release back into food production, human settlement or infrastructure – is essential to sustainable development after conflict.