MAG Means Education

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Education is widely regarded as the key to economic success for developing nations. 

In countries with significant contamination, land to build these local schools is often not available. If there is a school, parents are reluctant to allow their children to walk to school through contaminated areas. We clear land to reprioritize education in a community.  


Locally hired Community Liaison (CL) teams are the foundation of MAG’s work. These individuals work within communities to educate their neighbors on landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) safety to ensure the well being of the community until land can be cleared. MAG also trains focal points within the community such as teachers and village leaders to deliver risk education. As the CL teams provide life-saving education, they also gather information on the location, extent and impact of contaminated areas, to ensure MAG is responding to the communities’ most urgent needs. MAG’s focus is on clearing land that is preventing community development – whether that is land for worship, farming, housing, water access, infrastructure development or education. 


The goal is not to just remove mines – it is to transform villages into growing, prosperous economies for all its citizens. CL teams, therefore, are not just educators, but champions for change and growth in the community.