How We Help



Eleven people are injured or killed by landmines and unexploded ordnance every day. MAG’s work protects communities and saves lives.


Because of the contamination that plagues these countries and communities across the globe, the basic elements for growth, or even survival, elude people.  Land is simply unavailable to provide for the basic needs of a community. By clearing contaminated land of dangerous weapons, people can rebuild their lives on a solid foundation for future success.


MAG’s work enables safe drinking water to be readily available to communities who in the past may have walked hours each day for water. Safe land is needed to dig wells and access water from distant sources whose paths also need to be cleared of landmines.


Education is widely regarded as the key to economic prosperity for developing nations, leading to lower unemployment and increased social equality. In mine-affected countries, land is not available for new schools, requiring children to walk hours through contaminated land to gain an education.


Agriculture accounts for 30 to 60 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in the world’s least developed countries and employs almost 70 percent of people. Where MAG works, many don’t have access to this basic right until the land is cleared.


The developing world is ravaged by health problems that would be preventable if basic access to clinics was available. Before MAG works with development partners to clear land for medical facilities, the most impoverished often have to walk days to the nearest clinic.

Only when our work is done, will there finally be peace.