Q&A with MAG's Chief Executive

Posted by MAG | September 11, 2014

Earlier this year, MAG International hosted a website visitor survey, where users were asked if there were any questions they would like to ask MAG’s Chief Executive, Nick Roseveare. 

Since MAG America is the American chapter of MAG International, we wanted to share with all of our fantastic supporters the insightful thoughts Nick shared about the crucial work MAG does every day in countries where we operate.

Staff Update from South Sudan

Posted by MAG | August 28, 2014

An interview with Pauline Ballaman, Country Director of South Sudan

For almost a year, the political situation in South Sudan has been very unstable.  How does this affect your operations?

Nyaba - A Recipe from South Sudan

Posted by MAG | August 27, 2014

Recent news suggests that there is a lot that divides the people of South Sudan. Tribal heterogeneity over vast territories and historical tribal and individual differences lend further credence to this picture of division and fracture in South Sudan. However, the one day/holiday that unites all South Sudanese across tribal and political lines is July 9th, 2011 - South Sudan's Independence Day. 

Why Turk Loves MAG

Posted by MAG | August 27, 2014

My affinity for humanitarian demining began in 2000 while I was working at the State Department. The U.S. was providing humanitarian demining assistance to dozens of countries around the world, the majority of which were littered with non-American mines and unexploded ordnance.  As Deputy Assistant Secretary, I saw first-hand the extraordinary value and return on investment of the U.S. Government – MAG public/private partnership.

What is the Shape of a Minefield?

Posted by MAG | August 25, 2014

One of the persistent misperceptions of minefields is that they are like a flat, rectangular, clearly-bounded football field. I’m not exactly sure who to blame: perhaps Hollywood, perhaps the computer game Minesweeper, perhaps simply the word “minefield”. But in South Sudan, reality is far more complex.