Iraq War Timeline: 15 Crucial Moments to Truly Understand the War

Posted by MAG | March 05, 2014

The Iraq War timeline is filled with moments of overwhelming military force, indecipherable confusion and sorrowful loss of life. The Iraq war spanned over 8 years and getting a grasp on the conflict is no easy task.

Here are 15 moments from the Iraq war that will help you better understand one of the most important events in recent U.S. history.

Landmines in Angola: a Situation Analysis

Posted by MAG | February 26, 2014

There are really two Angolas. One is the most landmine-contaminated country in Sub-Saharan Africa; the other is the oil-rich member of OPEC, home to Africa’s first female billionaire (who just happens to be the daughter of the President).

Did Huang Tuan Vu Have to Die?

Posted by MAG | February 18, 2014

Last October, I happened to be in Vietnam photographing MAG’s work right when the worst type of accident occurred – in a school playground.

The accident left one boy, Huang Tuan Vu, dead and another gravely injured, Ding Phuong Nam. When I have the opportunity, I try to photograph survivors so that our supporters can put a face to this deadly problem.

Wildlife in the Cambodian minefields

Posted by MAG | February 10, 2014

"As a deminer currently based in Cambodia, I do photography in my free time, when my camera plays a big role in helping me to relax after demanding days at work.

As I was seeing lots of wildlife in the minefield and hearing lots of stories from the deminers about what they'd seen, I thought it would be a good idea to start a project taking photos of wildlife and different mines or items from the minefield."

7 Vietnam War Songs You Need To Hear

Posted by MAG | February 07, 2014

The Vietnam War lasted for nearly 20 years, and spawned many movies, books and of course, emotionally charged Vietnam War songs. The conflict, officially ending in 1975, was often polarizing to people around the world, politically, philosophically and even artistically.