How to Destroy a 100 LB White Phosphorus Bomb

Posted by MAG | July 15, 2014

Have you ever wanted to see a MAG demining team in action preparing a bomb for destruction?  Here is your chance. 

Despite the extreme danger of this demolition, the team perform their jobs with a smile. They are well-trained and know that this prevents futher accidents in their country. 


U.S. Declares That It Will No Longer Produce Anti-Personnel Landmines - Good First Step

Posted by MAG | June 27, 2014

MAG congratulates the US on a significant and positive step in US policy on the Ottawa Convention. The US is also one of the leading supporters of global humanitarian mine action and works closely with expert NGOs, including MAG.




Their support enables states to clear thousands of mines and explosive remnants of war every year in communities that have been affected by war and armed conflict.

Two more children die 40 years later

Posted by MAG | May 27, 2014

I have worked for seven years for MAG in Quang Binh as a Community Liaison Officer, and have heard about so many accidents in the poor villages: two 14-year-old boys, one killed and one badly injured when they set off a submunition in the schoolyard; a man, who is still suffering from the ballbarings pinned in his body as a result of an explosion; three children, one killed and two injured when they were trying to help their poor parents by risking their lives to collect the scrap metal.

The Lost Boys of Sudan: 5 Videos You Must Watch

Posted by MAG | May 08, 2014

The lost boys of Sudan is a tragic and miraculous story of a nomadic group of young boys who trekked across East Africa from their war-torn homeland of Southern Sudan. This article summarizes their plight and provides five well-made videos that commemorate their story and remind us of the terrible effects of war.

Since 1983, the southern Sudanese region has been the war zone between the Sudan People's Liberation Army and Sudanese Governemnt, claiming 2 million lives displacing a huge number of people.

My Journey to MAG

Posted by MAG | April 30, 2014

When you've heard it, you must see it; when you've seen it, make a judgment with your heart” (Laotian Proverb)

How true it is! I decided to work for a noble cause which addresses healing, hope and dignity because I simply couldn’t watch the injustice all around the world and do nothing.

MAG’s mission touched me.