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Fundraise on behalf of MAG.  The opportunities are endless for you to create excitement and awareness about mine action in your local community, while raising money for the cause.  Hold a film screening, make a lemonade stand, entertain with a wine tasting - these can all be the basis to raise money to remove landmines and unexploded ordnance and transform the lives of people in affected communities.


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Explore the world by taking a trip or participating in a challenge. Sign up for the Death Valley Cycle Challenge in November, go on a trek through Cambodia and Vietnam, or travel to one of MAG's programs and get an insider look at the impact of our work.


Watch one of our short films on YouTube. In May 2011, MAG America filmed its first movie, Surviving the Peace, in Laos. You can view the film, watch short informational videos explaining the issue, or view a slideshow of award-winning photos by MAG's Sean Sutton.